Skittles Vodka!

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A friend during BirminghamPride introduced me to the wonders of Skittle vodka!

It was amazing! Skittles vodka uses each of the skittle flavours to create different vodkas. i.e. Strawberry Skittles creates Strawberry Skittle vodka, and is great for shotting specially if you hate vodka straight like I do, or you can simply sip it, it’s soo tasty! lol.

Check out the tutorial here!

REVIEW: Strada

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So on Tuesday I went out to celebrate my friend Jess’ Birthday, after a not very successful bowling trip on the Monday ending up in a car crash, we were alot more optimistic about this….


So we decided to go to Strada, which I personally have never been to before and was pleasantly surprised. The staff was very welcoming and attentive and gave us some lovely complimentary bottled water to go along with our 2 bottles of wine that we brought.


For starters we shared three baskets of their pizza bread, “Schiacciatella”, one with the tomato and pesto the other two with garlic and rosemary, they were great, especially the pesto one, delicious.


Form my main I had the “Pollo alla Milanese” which was Pan fried chicken breast in grana padano and lemon zest breadcrumbs with roasted new potatoes and onions, green beans and cherry tomato and basil sauce…….it was very tasty! All cooked beautifully and presented nicely on the plate as well. The waitress assured us that our second bottle of wine was chilling for us, so when we wanted it we could, we said now lol. The girls had the “Saltimbocca di maiale” (Fillet of Pork with sage and parma ham with a potatoe pureé and green beans in a white wine sage and butter sauce) and the “Linguine alla Pescatora” (Pasta with tiger prawns, mussels, clams, squid in a white wine garlic and chilli sauce). They informed me that it was tasty, especially the pork which Stacey said was the best meal she had ever had.


Finally we indulged in a oozing chocolate pudding and ice cream delish!

So all in all I would definitely recommend that you go there for a meal. We used the 2for1 deal on the mains which has unfortunately ended now, however it meant it all came to a very resonable price for a three course meal with two bottles of wine……

Cornerhouse Card

Strada nottingham is within the cornerhouse so you can use the Cornerhosue card to get 20% off! The card is free to get here. How easy is that!?

They are also doing a Pre& Post Theatre Dining Offer 2 Courses just £9.95 or 3 courses just £10.95!

Nottingham train station

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Before University I practically never used the train….I used it once for Britain’s got Talent in Birmingham around April 2007. It was for a media studies A level trip, all educational of course….;)


But I guess it was a sign all along that Birmingham was the place for me?

Anyhow, I thought I would post some pictures of Nottingham train station for all those that have never been or noticed just how beautiful it is? 😀 The wiki on it says:

The current building was built by local architect, Albert Edward Lambert. It was built in an Edwardian Baroque Revival style at a cost of £1 million and was described by the Evening News on the eve of its opening (16 January 1904) as a magnificent new block of buildings. The station was built using a mix of red brick, terracotta (which was used as a substitute for building stone) and faience (a glazed terracotta) with slate and glazed pitch roofs over the principal buildings. The carriage entrances have Art Nouveau wrought-iron gates


So here are some photos of it now, then I will talk about the plans to make the station a bigger and more modern arena whilst keeping the wonderful Edwardian features.



So here are some of the plans for the new station, the idea is to create a Hub around it in which everything will come off, including the tram system:


  • The beautiful Edwardian buildings at the front of the station will be restored to their former glory. By removing the taxis and cars from the front, space will be created for shops, cafes and places to wait in comfort
  • The original grand Booking Hall will be reinstated
  • The arrival concourse will be extended along Queens Road, with a direct link to the new high-level NET station
  • A spacious new long stay car park on Queens Road – Nottingham’s new inner ring road will have direct connections to the concourse, the booking hall, and the train and NET platforms
  • There will be convenient taxi drop off and pick up points next to the restored station street buildings
  • It will be much easier to walk from The Hub to the city centre, with clear pedestrian routes through the new Broadmarsh to the Market Square, the Castle and the Lace Market
  • New train signals will mean more capacity and better reliability
  • The buildings on the train platforms will be renovated, with attractive glazed canopies to protect passengers
  • The much-loved historic cabman’s shelter at the front of the station will become a café

More photos of the old and new below:

Car Crash……….

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About 4 hours ago I was involved in my first ever Car Crash!…..scary stuff!! We were on the way to celebrate my best friend Jess’s Birthday with some bowling when a swivelling car on the other side of the road twisted into us….

We was told by the woman behind that he had just pulled out of his drive…but WAY to quickly, causing the car to swivel meaning we could not stop and so a collision occurred. Zoe the driver luckily swerved so we only got the brunt of the crash to the right hand side of the car.

Zoe's Car

The other car however came face on causing it to completely destroy it’s front.

Guy's Car

He was OK, typical……and luckily so was I apart from some seatbelt pain and banging my knee. However zoe the driver and Sam the passenger behind me were not so lucky. Zoe bruised and cut her arm on the wheel and sam is currenlyt in A&E having X-Rays on her leg and scans! I just hope the tosser gets what he deserves for trying to show off in his “pretty” car by going too fast.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair…..

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Just a quickie here…


Not sure if you’ve seen but Disney Animation Studios are back in action! Yes, they are releasing a new animated feature! Just like the old Snow Whites and Cinderellas. This time it’s the story of Rapunzel, which could be interesting to see.

However this isn’t why I’m here! 😀 The reason is because as I said they are going back to the roots on which Disney took off and creating the classic Disney style, but with a twist! say:

“Previous director Glen Keane developed a new look for this computer animated film, which is said to look and feel more like a traditional hand-drawn Disney Classic, but in 3D. Apparently the film uses a non-photorealistic rendering technique which will make the surface look like it is painted but still containing depth and dimensions. The movie’s visual style is being based on French Rococo artist Jean-Honore Fragonard’s painting “The Swing”. You can definitely see the look they’re going for in the image above.”

It’s all in production right now, however they have released some “concept designs” which look great and extremely promising! Lets just hope it has the same magic it’s predecessors had!

Here’s a test video that was released at Siggraph 2005, it looks great!

Mum’s Tattoo…..

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So about a year ago my wonderful mother came up to me and said I want you to design a tattoo for me for my birthday (June 30th). She said she wanted something where an “S” was the feature etc as her name is Sharon. I of course said yes and so set about designing a tattoo. After a few designs I came up with this:

Mum Tattoo 3_1024x372

My mum loved it and wanted to get it done straight away!….however she didn’t, never got round to doing it and so it was kinda left alone. Then about a month ago of she gets ready to go to a soul festival type thing, you know, it’s “mature” people reliving their youthful years…..dancing the old dances and singing the old songs etc. Well, before she goes she walks into my room, bearing in mind this is about 2pm and goes look what I’ve got. Low and behold, she got the tattoo done THAT very morning!? I of course was dead to the world asleep when all this happening. So I took a photo, said it looked very good and off she went to be young again at this shindig.

So thought I’d show the fruits of my labour, so to speak, here is her tattoo! 🙂