A Day In Hand

Same-sex hand holding (sshh): our silent revolution

A Day in Hand supports same-sex couples to publicly hold hands across the globe.
The project heralds a revolutionary way of making the world a fairer
place: a revolution in which anybody, on any day, can be a part of.

The idea is simple: to promote love and equality through the simple act of holding hands. Gay_Couple_from_back_hand_holding_on_CSD_2006_Berlin_-_Make_Love_Not_War


•   The world: your local area.

•   The first international Sshh! Saturday will be September 26th.

•   On Saturday September 26th we are asking people to find someone of the same gender, and hold their hand in public. It may be for only 1 min or for the whole day!  We would love people to have their photo taken holding hands and upload it to our website by sending to yourstories@adayinhand.com.

•    The population (gay or straight, all faiths, genders, races, abilities, single or in a relationship). Celebrities Brian Paddick and Boy George, author Paul Burston, MEP Michael Cashman, Mayor Boris Johnson and activists Peter Tatchell & Cleve Jones (Harvey Milk’s aide) have already endorsed the A Day In Hand campaign and many more will be holding hands on the first Sshh! Saturday.

You can be gay or straight, committed or single, just…

1) Find someone’s hand of the same gender
2) Take them outside on Sat 26th September
3) Send your pictures to yourstories@adayinhand.com


~ by Adam Stewart on September 22, 2009.

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