Movie Watch: District 9

So I was informed about a movie I hadn’t even heard was coming out called District 9 by a friend on twitter. Having watched the trailer it looked awesome and couldn’t believe this had fallen off my radar?


Out now in the US but on 4 September 2009 for the UK, district 9 tells the story of an extraterrestrial race forced to live in slum-like conditions on Earth after their ship crashed. A government agency called the MNU was set up to look after their needs. However all is not what it seems as the government seem to have alterer motives…..Here’s the trailer

How good does that look

Great looking graphics and a really clever and unique storyline to the film. It is very believable too as I can quite easily imagine the government using this to it’s advantage to better themselves……not thinking of the consequences or what the rest of the world wants?

Well the movie excitement aside, this films has some excellent online marketing via fake websites that have been set-up:

  • A MNU training site to see how the MNU deal with the aliens. To play the game you have to print of a card and show it to your webcam, now that’s technology! 😀


  • A site made by humans called MNU Spread Lies who feel that the “Non-Humans” should have rights too and not be locked up in quarantine. It has a great translate feature in which a whole fake language has been created and we can translate it into English, awesome!


This is really clever and makes it seem so more real and something that is or could quite easily happen now, in this day and age.

Really looking forward to seeing this!


~ by Adam Stewart on August 16, 2009.

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