Nottingham train station

Before University I practically never used the train….I used it once for Britain’s got Talent in Birmingham around April 2007. It was for a media studies A level trip, all educational of course….;)


But I guess it was a sign all along that Birmingham was the place for me?

Anyhow, I thought I would post some pictures of Nottingham train station for all those that have never been or noticed just how beautiful it is? 😀 The wiki on it says:

The current building was built by local architect, Albert Edward Lambert. It was built in an Edwardian Baroque Revival style at a cost of £1 million and was described by the Evening News on the eve of its opening (16 January 1904) as a magnificent new block of buildings. The station was built using a mix of red brick, terracotta (which was used as a substitute for building stone) and faience (a glazed terracotta) with slate and glazed pitch roofs over the principal buildings. The carriage entrances have Art Nouveau wrought-iron gates


So here are some photos of it now, then I will talk about the plans to make the station a bigger and more modern arena whilst keeping the wonderful Edwardian features.



So here are some of the plans for the new station, the idea is to create a Hub around it in which everything will come off, including the tram system:


  • The beautiful Edwardian buildings at the front of the station will be restored to their former glory. By removing the taxis and cars from the front, space will be created for shops, cafes and places to wait in comfort
  • The original grand Booking Hall will be reinstated
  • The arrival concourse will be extended along Queens Road, with a direct link to the new high-level NET station
  • A spacious new long stay car park on Queens Road – Nottingham’s new inner ring road will have direct connections to the concourse, the booking hall, and the train and NET platforms
  • There will be convenient taxi drop off and pick up points next to the restored station street buildings
  • It will be much easier to walk from The Hub to the city centre, with clear pedestrian routes through the new Broadmarsh to the Market Square, the Castle and the Lace Market
  • New train signals will mean more capacity and better reliability
  • The buildings on the train platforms will be renovated, with attractive glazed canopies to protect passengers
  • The much-loved historic cabman’s shelter at the front of the station will become a café

More photos of the old and new below:


~ by Adam Stewart on August 13, 2009.

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