Car Crash……….


About 4 hours ago I was involved in my first ever Car Crash!…..scary stuff!! We were on the way to celebrate my best friend Jess’s Birthday with some bowling when a swivelling car on the other side of the road twisted into us….

We was told by the woman behind that he had just pulled out of his drive…but WAY to quickly, causing the car to swivel meaning we could not stop and so a collision occurred. Zoe the driver luckily swerved so we only got the brunt of the crash to the right hand side of the car.

Zoe's Car

The other car however came face on causing it to completely destroy it’s front.

Guy's Car

He was OK, typical……and luckily so was I apart from some seatbelt pain and banging my knee. However zoe the driver and Sam the passenger behind me were not so lucky. Zoe bruised and cut her arm on the wheel and sam is currenlyt in A&E having X-Rays on her leg and scans! I just hope the tosser gets what he deserves for trying to show off in his “pretty” car by going too fast.


~ by Adam Stewart on August 11, 2009.

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