Mum’s Tattoo…..

So about a year ago my wonderful mother came up to me and said I want you to design a tattoo for me for my birthday (June 30th). She said she wanted something where an “S” was the feature etc as her name is Sharon. I of course said yes and so set about designing a tattoo. After a few designs I came up with this:

Mum Tattoo 3_1024x372

My mum loved it and wanted to get it done straight away!….however she didn’t, never got round to doing it and so it was kinda left alone. Then about a month ago of she gets ready to go to a soul festival type thing, you know, it’s “mature” people reliving their youthful years…..dancing the old dances and singing the old songs etc. Well, before she goes she walks into my room, bearing in mind this is about 2pm and goes look what I’ve got. Low and behold, she got the tattoo done THAT very morning!? I of course was dead to the world asleep when all this happening. So I took a photo, said it looked very good and off she went to be young again at this shindig.

So thought I’d show the fruits of my labour, so to speak, here is her tattoo! 🙂



~ by Adam Stewart on August 10, 2009.

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