We’re all just “Queer As Folk”

For those of you that know me, you’ll know I LOVE QAF (Queer as Folk).


However my love only extends to the hit USA version, as I found the original UK version, which for it’s time was ground breaking and a forerunner for terrestrial TV, to be a bit too gritty……What can I say? I love the drama and OTT style of the USA version? :S Sorry.

Queer As Folk for those that don’t know was the first shown to the UK on Channel 4 in 1999.Ā  It showed a “real” portrayal of gay life as a pose to the 1970’s “Are you Being Served” character Mr Humphries and “The Generation Game” host Larry Grayson. This is what the media portrayed to be homosexual to the masses and so this is how people saw gay people, men in particular, as non-threatening, non-sexual and effeminate camp men.

However, Queer As Folk aimed to change this featuring the first ever gay sex scenes on terrestrial TV and introducing the world to “Rimming“…..with of course some back stories and character development thrown on there just for fun šŸ˜‰ I kid….


It’s American counterpart also broke these taboo’s on the subscription channel Showtime in 2000, however unlike the UK version a few aspects were changed in order to “soften” the blow a little, the main one being that Justin, the teen that falls for a 29 year old Brian was 17, whereas in the UK version, Nathan the same character, different name, was 15. This made is that more controversial and more real/accurate as this is something that is known to take place in the gay community….

….however I digress. What I basically wanted to say is that to all those that think Queer As Folk, USA in particular, is just soft porn then you would be very wrong. QAF is the story of Gay men and Woman as they deal with everyday situations – death, birth, marriage etc as well as more gay specific themes – Gay conversion, Aids, homophobia etc. I would encourage all to watch. It is beautifully shot and edited and over the whole 5 seasons you really get to know the characters and follow them on each of their individual personal journeys and for Justin from boy to man…..you could also say the same for Brian.

That is all šŸ™‚

P.S Check out my fabulous QAF boxset! I love it! šŸ˜€


~ by Adam Stewart on August 8, 2009.

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