Eurovision to possible R&B Star?….

Yep? You read it correct, our lovely Eurovision 2009 entrant Jade Ewen is releasing her lead singer form her forthcoming album, and you know what……it’s actually a really good song! πŸ˜€


New look to conincide with her new sound

I myself am not a huge R&B fan but this song has a great backbeat and electronic sound accompanying her fabulous vocals! The video features what seems to be an ex or current lover dreaming about Jade, as she appears in his bedroom. He then proceeds to follow her around the house with a flashlight…? A little odd but kinda works. She showcases some great moves with the backdrop of LA behind her, where the video was shot. The song has recently been added to MTV Base and was endoresd by Chris Moyles on his Radio One show.

Jade on Stage in Moscow for the Eurovision Song Contest 2009

Jade on Stage in Moscow for the Eurovision Song Contest 2009

I hope she does well as she was robbed of a top 10 single for her ace song for Eurovision this year, “My Time”. Which coincidently was the highest scoring entry since we won in 1997 with the Katrina and the Waves song – “Love Shine A Light” and was also the highest position since 2002 with Jessica Garlick’s – “Come Back”

New Video – Jade Ewen – My Man


~ by Adam Stewart on August 6, 2009.

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