New Birmingham City University City Centre Plans unveiled

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Birmingham City University (My Univeristy) has unveiled it’s ambitious plans for its city centre campus, and I have to say it looks stunning! Typical that as I’m almost out the door this is happening, especially considering my faculty will move here!! 😦

The official website says this:

“Birmingham City University’s planned new City Centre Campus aims to be an educational powerhouse – creating a centre for cultural and creative excellence with an international reputation.

The ambitious new campus plans will be part of the ambitious Eastside project – Birmingham’s biggest physical regeneration scheme.”


A Day In Hand

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Same-sex hand holding (sshh): our silent revolution

A Day in Hand supports same-sex couples to publicly hold hands across the globe.
The project heralds a revolutionary way of making the world a fairer
place: a revolution in which anybody, on any day, can be a part of.

The idea is simple: to promote love and equality through the simple act of holding hands. Gay_Couple_from_back_hand_holding_on_CSD_2006_Berlin_-_Make_Love_Not_War


•   The world: your local area.

•   The first international Sshh! Saturday will be September 26th.

•   On Saturday September 26th we are asking people to find someone of the same gender, and hold their hand in public. It may be for only 1 min or for the whole day!  We would love people to have their photo taken holding hands and upload it to our website by sending to

•    The population (gay or straight, all faiths, genders, races, abilities, single or in a relationship). Celebrities Brian Paddick and Boy George, author Paul Burston, MEP Michael Cashman, Mayor Boris Johnson and activists Peter Tatchell & Cleve Jones (Harvey Milk’s aide) have already endorsed the A Day In Hand campaign and many more will be holding hands on the first Sshh! Saturday.

You can be gay or straight, committed or single, just…

1) Find someone’s hand of the same gender
2) Take them outside on Sat 26th September
3) Send your pictures to

Jade Ewen – My Man – Out Now!!

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Jade Ewen - My Man

Jade Ewen – My Man is out now!!

Make sure you get it now!

iTunes – £1.49

1. My Man (Radio Edit) – £0.79
2. My Man (Cahill Radio Edit) – £0.79


Get it off 7 Digital and get two more tracks!

7 Digital – £1.99

01. My Man – £0.79
02. My Man (Cahill Radio Edit) – £0.79
03. My Man (feat Bashy) by Jade Ewen / Bashy – £0.79
04. My Man (Perempay Radio Edit) – £0.79

Micheal Jackson’s This Is It Movie Trailer Released!

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Movie Watch: District 9

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So I was informed about a movie I hadn’t even heard was coming out called District 9 by a friend on twitter. Having watched the trailer it looked awesome and couldn’t believe this had fallen off my radar?


Out now in the US but on 4 September 2009 for the UK, district 9 tells the story of an extraterrestrial race forced to live in slum-like conditions on Earth after their ship crashed. A government agency called the MNU was set up to look after their needs. However all is not what it seems as the government seem to have alterer motives…..Here’s the trailer

How good does that look

Great looking graphics and a really clever and unique storyline to the film. It is very believable too as I can quite easily imagine the government using this to it’s advantage to better themselves……not thinking of the consequences or what the rest of the world wants?

Well the movie excitement aside, this films has some excellent online marketing via fake websites that have been set-up:

  • A MNU training site to see how the MNU deal with the aliens. To play the game you have to print of a card and show it to your webcam, now that’s technology! 😀


  • A site made by humans called MNU Spread Lies who feel that the “Non-Humans” should have rights too and not be locked up in quarantine. It has a great translate feature in which a whole fake language has been created and we can translate it into English, awesome!


This is really clever and makes it seem so more real and something that is or could quite easily happen now, in this day and age.

Really looking forward to seeing this!

REVIEW: Coco Lounge, Nottingham

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So another new place I went to earlier this week was The Coco Lounge in Hockley, Nottingham.

Hockley is an area in the city centre that has some of the high-street names like Lloyds to great chic and unique bars of like Tantra, which I will be doing a review on later. It also has some nice independent restaurants ranging from Thai to Indian to some posh pub grub.

So onto Coco Lounge – When I walked in the great interior was the first thing that took me by surprise, with rustic wood floor but with mixes of contemporary steel and metal, including a feature fireplace. The rafters above also looked nice lit and the palm tree, yes palm tree, set it all of nicely. It even extended into the bathrooms with some really cool mirrors that were like ligthboxes and cubicle doors which were like saloon door closing to make one door…..odd but very cool 🙂

They have some great student deals too with 2 cocktails for £5, and they were soo good! The staff were very efficient at serving us and making the cocktails meaning we was able to sit down and have a good chinwag on the nice leather plush sofas and seats.

This is a bar I would definitely recommend as a great starting point for the beginning of your night or as the finishing place. For us it was kinda quiet, however it was a Tuesday night? I can imagine on a Friday or Saturday it’s buzzing and especially on Student Night, Thursday.

Make sure you check it out!

Here are some funky photo’s I found on the internet of The Coco Lounge

LOI(Link of Interest): Viral Video Chart

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The Viral Video Chart is a great little resource to see what’s happening in the world of online video in terms of it’s impact virally.

Listing the top 20 videos you get to see whats hot at the current time of looking! So check it out now to see whats buzzing around the cyberspace.

Thanks to this site is found the little beauty that is the JK Wedding Entrance Dance:

Which has also been parodied in a JK Divorce Entrance Dance: